Cost, Financial Aid and Payment Options


Tuition charges for a study abroad program may be the same or a little more than Tiffin University’s.  Room and board will vary depending upon the location.  The most current information available is on each program’s website.  Please note that there may be an additional study abroad participation fee assessed form some locations by the program administration.  This covers mandatory health insurance, student i.d. card and other necessary items. 

The cost of the Oxford program for Honors students is determined separately.  For details, contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Tiffanie Goff.

Other expenses depend upon how you spend your free time.  Prior participants can give you an idea of how much they spent.  Please take the time to plan your anticipated spending carefully.  Determine just what locations you want to visit, what sites are important to you and what form of transportation you will use.  Some locations have staff who will help you find some inexpensive travel options.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid is available for participation in Tiffin University approved Study Abroad Programs. These are programs with which we have signed articulation agreements and are accredited in the United States.

It is important for you to talk directly with the Director of Financial Aid regarding your eligibility for financial aid.  Recipients of Tiffin University aid, including academic scholarships, named scholarships, grants, athletic scholarships or activity grants, may use these funds for ONE study abroad semester.  Students wishing to participate in a full year of study abroad will not receive these for the second semester, but may be eligible for federal or state loans and grants.

Your FAFSA and all other required documents must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office no later than July 1 for Fall participation and October 1 for Spring participation.  If financial aid is incomplete due to your delay in providing documentation, you are responsible for payment of all tuition, room and board due prior to departure.  You will receive the aid payment when all documentation is completed prior to applicable federal and state deadlines.


Tuition, fees, room and board must be paid prior to your departure for the program, or satisfactory payment arrangements must be made with the Bursar.  All fees will be paid to Tiffin University which will then pay the program administration.  Tiffin University will not be able to confirm your participation in a study abroad program until all fees are paid.

Tiffin University offers a monthly payment plan.  It is suggested that you start this plan in April of the year prior to your departure in order to have all fees paid before you leave.  By doing this you can spread the cost over the maximum number of months.