Communication: The “People Profession”


If you’re looking for a “people profession,” Tiffin University’s Communication Major might be the right fit for you.  Among the many professions that hire graduates with a Communication degree are education, management, training, corporate communication, public relations, personnel, sales, media, advertising, journalism, law, marketing and politics. In fact, employers often identify communication skills as the most important (and yet often missing) in both entry-level and senior members of their organizations. At TU, we know what it takes to provide you with an education for the real world, so you won’t miss a step on your way toward real success.

Browse our programs of study for Public Relations, Journalism, or Electronic Media concentrations, and check out our other Communications pages, including Internships.  Also, be sure to look at our Minors in Journalism, Public Relations, and Electronic Media, and visit our Professional Links page. Internships make it real, and TU has the real resources to give you real advantages.

The Communication Major at Tiffin University prepares you by teaching excellent public and interpersonal skills, a knowledge of communication, and offering specific in-depth education in Public Relations, Journalism, or Electronic Media

Student Opportunities:

TU offers plenty of real opportunities for real engagement in your major.  On campus, students work with professors or in internships to further develop their communications skills.  TU also has a variety of academic major- oriented clubs, so you can make real connections with your fellow students.

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