Maritime Risk Symposium Panels

Panel 1: Threats in Maritime Cyber 

Chair: CAPT Ryan Manning


  • Daniel M. Meidenbauer, JHU APL
  • RADM Tom Atkin, USCG (Ret)
  • Brett Rouzer, DHS NCCIC

ship radar
Panel 2: Afloat Cyber Vulnerabilities

Chair: CAPT David Moskoff, USMMA


  • Tony Sullivan, Mass Maritime
  • Exec. Dean Kevin Jones, Plymouth University
  • Jason Kent - Chief Technology Officer, AsTech Consulting
  • Dr. Tom Longstaff - Johns Hopkins University
  • Cris DeWitt, ABS, Sr. Manager Operational Technology Cybersecurity

Panel 3: Legal & Insurance Issues in Maritime Cyber

Chair: Doug DePeppe, Co-founder of the Cyber Resilience Institute


  • Kate B. Belmont, Esq. Blank Rome LLP – By Skype
  • Jay Kesan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Panel 4: Advancing Maritime Cyber & Educational Research

Chair: Chris Doane, USCG Atlantic Area


  • RADM Kevin Lunday, USCG CYBER Command
  • Dr. Dave Mayhew, University Alabama
  • Dr. Susanne Wetzel, Stevens Institute
  • Sean Plankey, BP
  • MAJ Alan C. Lin, USAF, AFIT

Panel 5: Maritime Cyber: An Industry Perspective

Chair: Mike Edgerton, Hudson Trident


  • James Dean, TrueCourse Advisory Services, LLC
  • Max Bobys, HA-Cyber
  • Mark DuPont, Director, Florida Maritime Law Enforcement Academy

cyber earth
Panel 6: Maritime Cyber Risk: The Holistic View

Chair: Captain Paul Tortora, USN (Ret), USNA


  • Dr. David Nicol – University of IL (C-U)
  • Dr. Isaac Porche - RAND
  • Dr. Mark Heckman, University of San Diego
  • Andrew Pasternak, U.S Department of Homeland Security

Panel 7: Maritime Cyber Risk: The National Labs Panel

Chair: Craig Moss, ORNL


  • Dr. Evi Dube; LLNL
  • Shawn Ricketts, Pacific Northwest National Labs
  • Dr. Stacy Prowell - ORNL
  • Roland Varriale, ANL