Cyber-Defense and Information Assurance (BA)

The beauty of the Tiffin University Cyber Defense and Information Assurance major is that it is not narrowly focused. The curriculum addresses the entire range of cyber operations, from analyzing the largest national and international cyber policy issues, to collecting data off the smallest hand-held devices.  Through this major, students are exposed to the entire breadth of the field.

The Cyber Defense and Information Assurance major addresses the evolving threats to our economy and society in cyberspace. The curriculum is designed to give students a solid background in technology applications, threat assessment, and mitigation. Using real-world case scenarios and threat actors, the program challenges students to think critically about interconnected systems and vulnerabilities. This diversified program culminates in a senior seminar that includes both Digital Forensics and Cyber Defense and Information Assurance students participating in a red team/blue team scenario, providing both teams the opportunity to manage an intrusion incident from inception to forensic analysis and reporting.

Your Cyber-Defense and Information Assurance Curriculum

Cyber Defense Core

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CDS152 Introduction to Cyber-Defense 3
CDS345 Cyber Law and Ethics 3
POL151 Introduction to National Security Studies 3
POL313 American National Security Policy 3

Cyber-Defense & Information Assurance Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
JUS215 Homeland Security and Legal System 3
CIS201 Programming 3
CDS315 Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis 3
CDS344 Information Security 3
CDS348 Incident Management 3
CDS356 Malware Analysis 3
CDS445 Cyber Warfare 3
CDS491 Senior Seminar in Cyber-Defense 3
CIT155 Operating Systems 3
CIT320 Computer Architecture & Diagnostics 3
CIT361 Network Management & Administration 3
SCS300 Research Design 3
SCS470 Internship 3

*Note: It is likely that some of these courses may have a classified component, requiring the student to obtain a U.S. security clearance. In all such cases, there will be an unclassified option to the course content made available to students who are unable or unwilling to obtain a security clearance and work in a classified setting, ensuring that the issue of a security clearance does not interfere with the student being able to successfully complete the major.

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