Nada Odeh: Royalty in the Refugee Camp

About the Artist

NadaOdeh is a Syrian artist, activist and humanitarian. She writes modern poetry. Nada was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Syria and United Arab Emirates. She came to the USA in 2013 due to the revolution in her country. Odeh works and lives in Detroit area. She got her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Damascus University. She attended workshops in visual arts, communication arts and art as therapy.

Her  current project is called Nada’s Picassos started in Damascus then Dubai and Ann Arbor.  The medium she works in acrylics on canvas. The Arabic miniatures and Middle Eastern colours influence her art. The key theme in her art is the Syrian refugees in the camps and Syrian people. She has exhibited her art in Damascus, Dubai, NYC, Detroit, and Toledo.

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