Bachelor of Arts in Digital Forensics

As society has gone digital, so too have the criminals, terrorists, and other threats to our society and nation. The Bachelor of Arts in Cyber Defense and Information Assurance, and the Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Digital Forensics degrees at Tiffin University, position current and future law enforcement and national security professionals at the forefront of this new era. Virtually every crime and many of our most serious national security threats now involve some sort of a digital component.

Tiffin University’s curriculum is designed to expose students to real-world problems and real-world solutions. The Digital Forensics major is designed from an investigative and evidence recovery perspective rather than a computer science perspective. The Students that successfully complete the program are eligible to take professional certification tests in Digital Forensics and Mobile Forensics. This prepares our students to begin work in the criminal justice or digital forensics profession on day one after graduation.

Criminal Justice Core

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
JUS110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
JUS201 Criminal Law 3
JUS202 Criminal Procedures 3
JUS361 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice 3
ENF293 Criminology 3
SCS300 Research Design (w) 3
SCS470 Internship I 3

Cyber Defense/Digital Forensics Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
CIS201 Programming 3
CIT155 Operating Systems 3
CIT361 Network Management and Administration 3
CDS152 Introduction to Cyber Defense 3
CDS334 Technology and Crime 3
CDS341 Survey of Digital Forensics 3
CDS344 Information Security 3
CDS345 Cyber Law and Ethics 3
CDS435 Advanced Digital Forensics 3
CDS491 Senior Seminar in Cyber Defense (w) 3
ENF239 Applied Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics 3