Earn Your Integrated Language Arts Education Degree On The TU Campus!

Tiffin University has established an innovative partnership with Lourdes University that allows TU students to study and major in Education without leaving the Tiffin University campus. Within this unique program, students can enroll in a Bachelor of Arts program through Tiffin University and study either Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Integrated Language Arts/English, or Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Integrated Social Studies/History.

Lourdes University faculty teach all of the Education coursework on Tiffin University’s campus. Teacher credentialing and certification will be handled through the School of Education at Lourdes University.  Meanwhile, the general education curriculum and the content specialization in English and History are taught by Tiffin University faculty.

This major will provide you with all of the coursework necessary for a Degree in Integrated Language Arts.  You will also meet the Adolescent and Young Adult licensing requirements and teaching credentials for Integrated Language Arts, grades 7–12.

Nationally accredited (TEAC, 2010)

Consistent rating of "Effective," Ohio's highest ranking for teacher preparation programs

Field experiences range from one day observations in the first Education course to 15-weeks during student teaching

Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Education is a specialized field of study with a body of knowledge and research that recognizes the distinct developmental stage of students from ages 12-21 and grades 7-12.  This program is designed to prepare you for a teaching career by providing an education that allows you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to teach and work with adolescents and young adults in grades 7-12.

The curriculum is based on contemporary research and the most current standard requirements of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE); Ohio Department of Education (ODE); the International Society for Teaching in Education (ITSE); the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE); the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM); the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS); and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

Integrated Language Arts Education Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
The following courses meet both the Integrated Language Arts Major and University General Education Requirements:
COM329 Writing for Electronic Media (Social Sciences-Communications) (w) 3
One of the following:
CUL448 Woman and Literature (w) 3
CUL449 Minority Experience in American Literature (w) 3
ENG141 Expository and Research Writing (Composition) 3
ENG142 Introduction to Literature and Criticism (Composition) (w) 3
     Choose one of the following (Humanities - Literature):
ENG360 American Poetry (w) 3
ENG361 English Poetry (w) 3
THR222 Introduction to Theatre (Humanities - Fine Arts) 3
The following courses meet both the Professional Education and General Education Requirements:
EDU151 Technology in Learning 3
EDU250 Educational Psychology (Social Sciences-Psychology) 3
EDU316 Multicultural & Social Issues in Education (Social Science.- Sociology) 3
Integrated Language Arts Major
CUL443 Comparative Mythology (w) 3
ENG221 History of the English Language 3
ENG223 Advanced Grammar 3
ENG291 British Literature I (Chaucer to Romantics) (w) 3
ENG292 British Literature II (Romantics to WWII) (w) 3
ENG293 American Literature I (Colonial to Civil War) (w) 3
ENG294 American Literature II (Civil War to WWII) (w) 3
ENG313 Theoretical Approaches to Writing and Reading 3
ENG380 Shakespeare (w) 3
ENG422 World Literature (w) 3
ENG463 Literary Theory (w) 3
One of the following:
ENG348 British Novel (w) 3
ENG347 American Novel (w) 3
Professional Education Requirements
EDU100 Foundations of Education 3
EDU230 Survey of Special Needs in Education 3
EDU319 Classroom Management for Middle Childhood & AYA 3
Adolescent to Young Adult Requirement
EDA210 Teaching Adolescents and Young Adults 3
EDA235 Curriculum & Instruction for Adolescents to Young Adults 3
EDA250 General Teaching Methods and Field Experience 3
EDA353 Language Arts Methods and Field Experience II 3
EDA450 Adolescent to Young Adult Student Teaching 12
EDU312 Teaching Reading Through Literature for Young Adults 3
EDU329 Differentiated Instruction & Assessment 3
EDU330 Developmental Reading Through Content Area Reading 3

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