Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Tiffin University began offering a Bachelor of Science in Exercise program in 2014. This program will help students build a solid foundation of the scientific principles underlying modern exercise physiology. The curriculum will enable students to develop the acquisition of knowledge and skills that facilitate opportunities to successfully pursue careers within the rapidly growing domain of Exercise Science.

A Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science provides an excellent academic foundation for students choosing to pursue professional opportunities in exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, and athletic training. Students not only have the ability to continue in graduate work, but can also pursue careers in personal training, coordinating wellness programs, coaching for strength and conditioning, and organizing corporate wellness programs.

The Tiffin University Exercise Science Lab has been equipped with instruments such as Stopwatches, Goniometer, Power Systems 70200 Flex-Tester, Myotape, Balance Beam Scale, BioScan 916 BIA, Hydraulic Hand Evaluation, Compact Metronome, Heart Rate Monitor Watch, Incentive Deep Breathing Exercise Spirometer, Calipers, Electromyography System (EMG), and Monark Ergomedic 884E Sprint Bike, Dartfish Software, among others. These and other equipment will allow students to experience and practice the new knowledge they have acquired in the classroom.

In the Exercise Science Lab, students will perform studies on body composition, flexibility, maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), musculoskeletal fitness and physiology, the biomechanics of exercise, thermodynamics, etc.

Exercise Science Curriculum:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
NAT124 Introduction to Athletic Training 3
NAT146 Introduction to Exercise Science (w) 3
NAT225 Motor Development 3
CHM245 Organic and Biological Chemistry 3
NAT260 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness 3
NAT291 Drugs and the Body (w) 3
BIO311 Human Anatomy and Physiology (w) 3
BIO311L Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1
NAT315 Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise 3
NAT315L Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise Lab 1
NAT316 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise 3
NAT322 Kinesiology 3
CHM331 Organic Chemistry 3
CHM331L Organic Chemistry Lab 1
NAT342 Exercise Assessment & Prescription (w) 3
NAT342L Exercise Assessment & Prescription Lab 1
CHM411 Biochemistry 3
NAT422 Exercise Physiology 3
NAT422L Exercise Physiology Lab 1
SAS470 Internship (w) 3
Exercise Science majors must take BIO101 Contemporary Biological Problems and BIO101L as prerequisities and NAT220 Survey of Health Issues to meet the General Education Natural Science Requirement.

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