Forensic Science (BS)

The Forensic Science program is structured for a student to learn scientific principles and methods, applied to assist criminal and civil investigations and litigations. This program places an emphasis on the interdisciplinary disciplines of chemistry, biology and law. Students are educated on the role of forensic scientists in the criminal justice system and how scientific evidence can be used in that system. Students will earn a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science upon the successful completion of the required course work.

Because forensic science is a scientific field based in both scientific method and principles, and scientific laboratory applications, students completing this degree can seek professional employment positions in not just forensic science labs, but also in commercial and industrial laboratories.

Tiffin University provides faculty members who are academic leaders in their respective fields of Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science and Law.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
FSC115 Intro to Forensic Science and lab FSC115L 4
FSC215 Evidence Law and Ethics 3
BIO311 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (w) and lab BIO311L 4
BIO312 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (w) and lab BIO312L 4
BIO333 Genetics and lab BIO333L 4
BIO373 Microbiology and lab BIO373L 4
BIO345 Cellular & Molecular Biology BIO345L 4
CHM131 General Chemistry I and lab CHM131L 4
CHM132 General Chemistry II and lab CHM132L 4
CHM331 Organic Chemistry I and lab CHM331L 4
CHM332 Organic Chemistry II and lab CHM332L 4
CHM435 Inorganic Chemistry and lab CHM435L 4
CHM381 Quantitative Analysis and lab CHM381L 4
CHM411 Biochemistry (w) 3
CHM481 Instrumental Analysis and lab CHM481L 4
CHM450 Physical Chemistry and lab CHM450L 4
MAT381 Calculus II 3
PHY211 General Physics I and PHY211L Lab 4
PHY212 Physics II and PHY212L Lab 4
One of the following
SAS470 Internship 4
CHM370 Experimental Research Design 4