Master of Humanities

MH with a concentration in Humanities

Being human is a given. Keeping humanity is a choice. Gain a better understanding of how and why the world and its people operate through courses that focus on studies in history and philosophy, social science, English and communication. You will learn to practice thinking critically and creatively to keep the human in humanity. 

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The humanities concentration within the master of humanities program seeks to prepare global citizens by exploring the extent and depth of the human search for meaning, value and creativity. This concentration offers students the opportunity to examine the cultural, philosophical and mythological frameworks of past and current civilizations. The broad-based background courses in the humanities concentration engages students in social and human sciences and further prepares them for graduate and professional school.

Humanities Concentration 18 hours

  • HUM531 Studies in History
  • HUM532 Studies in Philosophy.
  • HUM533 Studies in Human, Political, and Social Sciences 
  • One ART course
  • One COM course
  • One ENG course

Master of Humanities: Interdisciplinary Core 9 hours

  • ART623 Aesthetics 
  • ENG564 Literary Theory 
  • HUM510 Introduction to Graduate Humanities 

Capstone or Exam Option 3 hours

  • HUM680 Capstone Project or HUM681 Comprehensive Exam 

Total MH 30 hours


This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

Online - Offered in a 15-week format with start dates in January, May and August

Studies in History (HUM531) - This course engages students in historical studies, including but not limited to medieval and early modern British history, restoration to Twentieth-century British history, the history of Africans in the Americas and other topics.    

Studies in Philosophy (HUM532) - This course engages students in philosophical studies, including but not limited to culture and identity; mythologies in human experience; the history and philosophy of scientific exploration; and atheism, agnosticism and skepticism.    

Studies in Social, Human and Political Sciences (HUM533) - This course engages students in social and human sciences in the fields of psychology, sociology, political science and anthropology, including but not limited to development of government systems and social practice: How people behave and why. 


Stephanie Opfer
Stephanie Opfer

Stephanie Opfer, Ph.D.

Chair, Graduate Humanities & Assistant Professor

School of Arts & Sciences
Degrees & Certificates
  • B.A., Ohio Northern University
  • Ohio Teaching Certification, Bowling Green State University
  • M.A., University of Toledo
  • Ph.D., Northern Illinois University

Stephanie Opfer, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephanie Opfer earned her Ph.D. in English Literature, with a specialization in Medieval Literature, from Northern Illinois University. Her dissertation was a linguistic analysis of the Old English elegies in order to find similar characteristics shared by the poems which would lead to a more specific genre definition. She earned her Master of Arts in English at the University of Toledo and her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science, from Ohio Northern University. She also completed the teacher certification program for Integrated Language Arts at Bowling Green State University.

Prior to Tiffin University, Dr. Opfer has taught grammar, composition, and literature at the University of Toledo, Owens Community College, Northern Illinois University, Kishwaukee College, and Rock Valley College. She has also been a fellow at the National Endowment for the Humanities “Teaching Beowulf in the Context of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature” Summer Institute at Western Michigan University. In addition to composition and general literature courses, her specific teaching and research interests include Old and Middle English language, Anglo-Saxon literature (Beowulf in particular), linguistics, mythology, Chaucer, and pedagogical techniques for teaching medieval literature.

Outside of Tiffin University, Dr. Opfer occasionally participates in summer “Shakespeare in the park” productions in Fremont, Ohio, and she enjoys playing the flute in various community groups.

Stephanie Opfer, Ph.D. Chair, Graduate Humanities & Assistant Professor
 Dr. Aaron Burton, Ph.D
 Dr. Aaron Burton, Ph.D

Aaron Burton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication

Chair, Humanities Programs

School of Arts & Sciences
Degrees & Certificates
  • B.S., Ohio University
  • M.A., University of Findlay
  • Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Aaron Burton, Ph.D.

Dr. Aaron Burton, Assistant Professor of Communications, earned a Ph.D. in Communication Studies, Foci: Rhetoric & Religion from Bowling Green State University. He earned a Master of Arts in Education from University of Findlay, a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Ohio University, and an Associate of Arts with concentration in Social Sciences also from Ohio University.

Since coming to Tiffin University he has served on The School of Arts & Sciences Internship Committee and will hold the position of Chair of Humanities Department beginning in the 2014 Academic Year.

Prior to becoming a faculty member at Tiffin University, Dr. Burton taught for nine years in Communications at Bowling Green State University in the Department of Communication and at Owens Community College.  At Bowling Green State University, he was Assistant Basic Course Direction in the School of Communication Studies.

Dr. Burton has written Jesus in the Movies: A Rhetorical Analysis of Selected Films from 1912-2004, Published by Edwin Mellen (2004). He has attended and presented at numerous workshops and national conferences.  He has served for eight years as an editorial board member for the Ohio Communication Journal. He is very active in several professor organizations and is a member of the National Communication Association, Central States Communication Association, Ohio Communication Association, Religious Communication Association, Graduate Communication, and the Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association.

Aaron Burton, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Communication
Vincent Moore
Vincent Moore

Vincent Moore, Ph.D.

Professor of English

School of Arts & Sciences
Degrees & Certificates
  • B.A., Oberlin College
  • M.A., Miami University
  • Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

Vincent Moore, Ph.D.


Dr. Vincent Moore has worked in a number of non-academic fields and has lived in eleven states while pursuing his educational and career goals. Growing up in Oberlin, OH, he earned his B.A. in Psychology at Oberlin College (1985). He studied for an M.S. in Exercise Physiology, but instead earned an M.A. in Creative Writing at Miami University (1992). In 1998 he earned his doctorate in English (main focus: Writing; secondary areas are 20th Century American Literature, Film, and Post Human Literary Theory) at the University of Southern Mississippi. Since 1992 he has been teaching at the college level, first as an adjunct, then full time at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and later at St. Paul’s College in Virginia before coming to Tiffin University.

Dr. Moore has been at Tiffin University since fall, 2002. A fourth degree black belt, he also leads the Tiffin University Martial Arts Club. His teaching interests are Composition, Creative Writing, Modern and Postmodern Literature, and Film. Three of his novels are available on


Vincent Moore, Ph.D. Professor of English


  • "Tiffin University is the college that has helped me grow into the person that I am today. While at Tiffin, I have made unforgettable memories and friends. I continued my education at The University of Toledo College of Law. Although I am moving on, I will never forget everything I have gained from my time at Tiffin University."

    – Jessica Paule, Class of 2015

  • "TU wasn’t just the place I went to get my degree. It was the place I grew up and I am forever thankful for my Dragon family. It’s always a great day to be a Dragon.”

    – Allison Marie Staunton, Class of 2016

  • "What I love about Tiffin University is the fact that I am learning about real-life experiences inside the classroom. Once I graduate, I know I will be prepared for a career in my field. I am thankful for the support I have received from my professors and classmates."

    - Hasan Abdul Elah, UAE

  • "I chose Tiffin University because of the curriculum, the online opportunities, and the fact that it is a brick-and-mortar school close to my home. I made many invaluable contacts through my TU experience."

    – John Carpenter

  • "The aspects of Tiffin University that I really like include low tuition cost and the fact that there are generous scholarships available for international students. Tiffin’s quiet atmosphere makes it easy to concentrate on your studies, but the surrounding cities have plenty to explore including a vibrant entertainment scene.”

    - Xin Guo, China

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