China Program Current MBA Student

Students who are currently enrolled in an accredited MBA programs may be admitted to continue on an MBA degree study with earned credits transferred in accordance with Tiffin University's curriculum requirements.  The minimum admission requirement is 3.0 GPA on the undergraduate transcript or 2.5 GPA with 5 years of work experience.

To apply, e-mail Dr. Zhaolu Lu at
The deadlines for application: Fall Semester July 15, Spring Semester November 15

Applicants without a TOEFL score 79-80 iBT or an IELTS score of 6 may be admitted on the condition that they will be enrolled in the English Language and American Culture (ELAC) program at the appropriate level, which will be determined by a placement test.

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MBA在读生可以申请转入蒂芬大学继续完成MBA学位。在中国高校获得的学分可以按照蒂芬大学的相关政策转换。最低录取标准是,在校成绩平均绩分点 (GPA) 3.0。
托福成绩未达到79-80分或雅思成绩未达到6分的申请者,可以有条件录取。条件是,该生必须注册撚⒂镉朊拦幕瘮(ELAC) 项目,参加英语分班考试,并在指定的班级补习英语。