TU Announces Matching Gift Donor and Develops Strategic Plan

TIFFIN UNIVERSITY, Tiffin, Ohio--The transformation of an old factory into a 21st century performing arts laboratory was approved recently by Tiffin University’s Board of Trustees. The action came less than two months after the board affirmed its commitment to a strategic plan that places creating an environment for student success as a top institutional priority.

“The action the board took is both concrete and symbolic,” said Dr. Lillian Schumacher, president. The decision to transform an old factory into a state-of-the-art learning environment solidified TU’s joint commitment to support student success with modern learning environments, innovative academic programs, an effective organization, increased financial sustainability, and enhanced infrastructure. The new performing arts laboratory (PAL) addresses all of these priorities.

“In the last 20 years, the Music Department has grown from a small cluster of students in one choir to nearly 200 students and 22 ensembles,” she said. We have outgrown available space many times over. The PAL will allow our students to study music while honing the skills needed in today’s world: teamwork, time management, innovation, technology, initiative, and others. These are skills employers are looking for.”

The entire cost of the PAL will be paid for by private support and no money will be borrowed to renovate and equip the facility. An energetic fundraising effort during the last six months has solicited gifts and pledges in excess of $2 million. The fundraising effort was helped by a pledge by Dr. Frank Murphy, a trustee, to match, dollar-for-dollar, all gifts raised – up to $4 million. Murphy recently paid the first $2 million installment on his pledge.

“The matching pledge which doubles the value of any gift has energized many in our constituent bases. We have received significant gifts and pledges from trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, businesses, foundations, and friends,” Schumacher said. “In addition to the PAL, other areas that have benefitted from the increase in private support include academic programs, student financial aid, faculty development, athletics and the Annual Fund.”

For his part, Murphy is acting on what he considers an obligation to “pay back.”

“Everyone involved with higher education have been helped by others,” he said. “Whatever successes we may have enjoyed were made possible because others have helped. It’s time to pay back so that others can benefit.”

Schumacher and Board Chair, Ms. Claire Johansen, agreed that the momentum currently enjoyed by the University will continue and grow.

“Our strategic plan will outline an array of actions and activities that can contribute to moving Tiffin University forward in exciting ways,” Johansen said. “The principles embedded in the plan enjoy the full support of the board of trustees and broad support among faculty and staff. They envision a bright future for the University as a premier institution that develops students’ global competencies in a diverse world.”

“This is an exciting time for TU,” she said.

For more information on TU’s matching gift opportunities, contact David Ferguson at 419.448.3282 or to participate in the matching gift challenge, visit: http://www.tiffin.edu/alumni/support/