Forms & Documents

Listed below are important forms and documents that can be filled out and returned to the Office of Media Relations.

Employee News & Information Fact Sheet - Expert Guide Listing

Please fill out the questionnaire by clicking here. This questionnaire will provide valuable information to the Office of Media Relations and Publications that will be included in an Expert's Guide. The media and/or public will have access to the Expert's Guide so if you do not wish to be included, please check the appropriate DO NOT LIST below and your information will be used for internal use only.

Request for News Coverage
- If you would like your information to be considered as an official news release (you want the community to be aware), please click here, fill out the form and return it to the Office of Media Relations & Publications at least 14 days or more prior to your preferred release date.

Arts & Events Calendar Submission
- If you have an event scheduled please use this form so that it can be included in Dragon News and TU's website. If you are a club or events coordinator, please represent your club on their behalf

Student and /or Alumni Profile Recommendation for Challenge Magazine
- If you have a successful student or alumni story, please use this form and submit it to me as soon as possible for possible inclusion in any and all upcoming issues of Challenge Magazine

Questions? Please email Lisa Williams,

Tiffin University General Photography – Video Taping Policy

Updated: June 2015

Random photos and/or video recordings of faculty, staff, and students taken on campus and at university events can be used for marketing and promotional purposes without limitation through any means and there will be no compensation for participation and/or liability by Tiffin University.