Request for News Coverage

If you would like your information to be considered as an official news release (you want the community to be invited or aware), please fill out section A at least 14 days or more prior to your preferred release date. It is understood that some events are sudden and 14 days is not possible.

If it is not time sensitive, or you have a story to share for consideration (i.e. Challenge Magazine or social media), please fill out section B below.

Good photographs and text attachments (copy and paste) are encouraged.

For all athletic related news, contact Shane O’Donnell, Sports Information Director at

Please note that all information submitted will be considered for University publications such as Challenge Magazine, Dragon News and all forms of social media and web.


No Event (News Release Only - Proceed to Section B)


Section A: Public and/or Event News Release

Section B: General Announcement (i.e. professional, published, presentation, co-authored, student news or accomplishment, etc.)