Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies - Online

The Online Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies program at Tiffin University is a flexible degree specifically designed for those students who have previously earned an associate degree in a technical/professional discipline. This is a career-oriented degree program built upon the concept of the “inverted degree” which permits the students to complete the degree based on the approved technical occupational major that the student possesses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies is a unique field of study which includes diverse pedagogical approaches to learning and skill acquisition. This degree exposes students to a variety of practical skills necessary to be successful in the work environment of the 21st century. Your degree from Tiffin University in Professional Studies will put you in position for managerial and leadership positions in your career. Classes in this field of study are designed to improve workplace skills.

To be eligible for this program, you must be able to transfer in a minimum of 30 semester hours; 24 hours need to be in the selected major section and six (6) hours need to be in the open elective section.

Did you know?

  • According to, the most popular U.S. cities for graduates with a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree include New York, Syracuse and Memphis. The website also reports that common jobs for graduates include those in the food, health and construction industries.

Potential Career Opportunities in Professional Studies:

A Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies degree from Tiffin University can prepare you for career advancement in areas such as government, non-profit and technology.

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All TU students in the online Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies program fulfill their academic requirements for graduation by completing courses in the following areas.

  • Knowledge Skills Core (16 credit hours)
  • Professional Studies and General Education Core (54 credit hours)
  • Selected Major Courses (27 credit hours)
  • Open Electives or Optional Minor (24 credit hours)
  • Total Semester Hours for the Degree (121 credit hours)
Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
Professional Studies and GE Core Curriculum
ART210 American Art 3
*CIS312 Information Systems for Managers 3
*COM441 Organizational Communication & Conflict Resolution 3
*CUL443 World Mythology (w) 3
*ENG365 Issues in Literature (w) (L) 3
*ENG422 World Literature (w) (L) 3
*HIS312 History of the Middle East (w) 3
LAW211 Business Law I 3
MAT273 Applied Statistics I 3
MGT301 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT317 Human Resource Management 3
MGT359 Small Business Management 3
*NAT220 Survey of Health Issues 3
PHI 200-400 Level 3
*POL320 Public Administration 3
PSY265 Life Span Development 3
*PSY320 Motivational Psychology 3
PSY325 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3
SOC250 Social Psychology 3
SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society (w) 3
  Students should take POL101 Introduction to the American Political Process as an open elective in order to fulfill prerequisite requirements 3

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Online classes are all offered in seven (7) week terms starting in January, March, May, July, August, and October.

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